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A.B.Baird Publishing is a small family owned publishing house dedicated to helping authors achieve the dream of having their words found in print and discovered by readers around the world.  

We got our start through our design and development of poetry anthologies; by combining the talent and desire to succeed of multiple writers, our anthologies are able to reach a wider audience than a self-published stand-alone book would achieve while maintaining the voice and quality authors desire. Today we work with poets to develop and release stand alone works that they can be proud to display at signings!
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This competition is now closed and submissions are being reviewed!

Lemonade Love: Parenting Poetry Competition image
First Place:
An Unlearning by Melissa Felson   @intotheminefields

Advice for the Little Me by Linda Lokhee   @lindalokheeauthor

People's Choice:
Making Sense of this Shape by Itchybrained   @Itchy_Brained

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Congratulations to the Grande Prize Winner:

Alison Logie with the piece, "Steam, Sweat and Love"

And to our two runners up:

Sinead McGuigan with "Flames"

Jasmine Barrett with "The Sun"

Don't forget to vote for your favorites to be a part of choosing our people's choice winner!
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Submissions for "Tingling Spines" are currently under review!

Please check back for more information, updates, and announcements.
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Broken Hearts - Healing Words is now available on Amazon, grab a copy for your library today!

Competition Winners

Grand Prize:
“What Will Remain” Emily May Portillo

First Runner Up:
“Pray For Us” Greg Oman

People’s Choice:
“Light As A Feather” Whiskey + Empathy

Gratitudes: To Our Mothers is now available on Amazon, grab a copy for your mother today!

Competition Winners

Grand Prize:
“A Mother Without Patience” Emily Louise Witthohn

First Runner Up:
“My Mother Divine” Linda Lokhee

Second Runners Up:
“She Taught Me This” Angela Marie Niemiec
“Collecting Calls” Dre Jones

People’s Choice:
“God” Ambica Gossain

Steady Hands: Ode to our Fathers is now available on Amazon, grad a copy for the father figure in your life!

Competition Winners

Grand Prize:
"Day of Rest" L.T. Pelle

First Runner Up:
"The Simplest Treasure" Linda Lokhee

People's Choice:
"The Midnight Train" Ambica Gossain

Thank you for asking!  "Tending Broken Stems" is available for order on Amazon with free shipping for prime members!  Simply click the link below!
Tending Broken Stems
Thank you for your question,  both paperback and kindle versions of "Colors of Love: Sera's World" are both available on Amazon for purchase now!  Did you know that if you buy the paperback book you can download the Kindle version for $1.99 so you dont have to wait?

To order click the link below.
 Colors of Love: Sera's World
Thank you for your question, "Splintered Souls" is currently for sale in Amazon in both the kindle and paperback forms.

Splintered Souls
Great question!  You can grab a copy My Darling, Delirium from Amazon in either the Kindle version or traditional paperback!  Just follow the link below!

My Darling, Delirium.​​​
Yes you can!  Gratitudes: To Our Mothers is our special edition Mother's Day 2019 Anthology, it is now available on Amazon for purchase in paperback!  Click the link below and it will take you right to it!

Gratitudes: To Our Mothers​​​
Thank you for asking- Steady Hands: Odes to Our Fathers is up for pre-oeders on Amazon now and will shipped when it is released mid May, just in time for Father's Day!  Follow the link below to lock in your order now!

Steady Hands: Odes to Our Fathers​​​
Please review the section of our website dedicated to discussing this- there you will find three different ways in which we work with authors to get their work published.
No.  We would never ask you to pay for the privilege of publishing your work.  As a rule, you should be wary of any company who requires you to pay for the publication of your manuscript or requires you to purchase an expensive copy of a publication in order to reserve a spot in it.  

We take the cost of the publication up front and the better your book does, the more we both earn!
The short answer is- we work in a profit share method, no advances are given and in exchange the authors are awarded a larger percent of the total profit on the book.  

Here is a closer look of how it might* break down in a few different scenarios

  • Paperback book: Royalties on retail of 10% paid to author until earning of $400 for publisher is reached, shifting to a 55% royalty after that point
  • Hardback book: Royalties on retail of 10% paid to author until the earning of $450 for publisher is reached, shifting to a 55% royalty after that point
  • Full color books: Royalties on retail of 10% paid to author until the earning of $500 for publisher is reached, shifting to a 55% royalty after that point
*this is for example only, and while it demonstrates the guidelines we attempt to operate by, it is not representative of every situation or scenario
Authors do keep the copy rights to their materials- ie: poems, short stories, manuscripts, artwork...
As a publishing company we own the ISBN of the book as well as the rights to the book itself.  If you (as the author) choose to publish elsewhere, you may take your words but not the book as a whole or the ISBN that belongs to it.
In the case of submitted manuscripts- we expect that books will come to us completed and (mostly) ready for publication.  If you are in need of editing services we can provide them, such service would be negotiated into your contract.

For our invitation only anthologies, we are the editors and will be listed as such on the cover.

Coffee with Will

Interview with Owner Austie Baird

In this interview Austie discusses her view on poetry, the birth of the company, and what they look for when deciding who to publish.

Now Available!

My Darling, Delirium

de·lir·i·um noun •Serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of surroundings. synonyms:derangement, temporary madness, insanity....and you. •wild excitement or ecstasy.synonyms: passion, frenzy, fever..and you. These poems are a product of the last 4 years... My time as a living ghost. My downfall. My resurrection. My Darling, Delirium.

Now out on Amazon!

Like Frost on the Winter Garden

The wonderful world around us gives proof that growth comes in all seasons of life. When the cold fingers of winter touch upon the glorious plants of the winter garden, they do not wither and die. Instead, their sustenance is sweetened by the freezing fingers in which it is encased. Just as winter becomes natures sweetener, we too find strength and power in the coldest seasons of life. We are like the bounties of that winter garden; dependent on pricks of bitter cold to sweeten the disposition of our souls. Together, with voices clear as mid-winter nights, these 9 writers bring you a collection of poetry testifying to the strengths rendered by the chills of life. Those bitter cold moments may have made them shake, but in return their mouths were left coated with the sweetness of words they now strive to share with you.

Now Available!

Tending Broken Stems

Each of us lives a life full of turmoil and strife. We face moments where we have been beaten, battered, and bruised by people and situations that surround us; like the garden so carefully planted and then ravaged by the storm. Yet, we survive. We learn, we grow; we lean into the wind, put our shoulders down, rely on our roots- and we survive. Tending Broken Stems is a collection of poetry dedicated to those moments in life: moments when our hopes, dreams, and selves have become broken under the strain- moments when we required gentle and dedicated tending to; whether that tenderness came from within or from others. We have all felt the sting of being the broken stem before; yet, as these talented poets show through their dynamic writing, with pain and hope comes unstoppable growth.


Contributing Author

K. Waters

Contributing Author


Contributing Author

Kevin Vargo

Contributing Author

Alice Foster

Contributing Author


Contributing Author

Born Maverick

Contributing Author

J.A. Lyon

Contributing Author

Kimmery Moss

Contributing Author

B.E. Sampson

Contributing Author

Available on Amazon!

Colors of Love: Sera's World

Sera's world is the first in our Colors of Love children's book series dedicated to helping children understand the special power that giving love to others has on the world.

Austie M. Baird


Dee Gellie


Splintered Souls

Available on Amazon!

We are excited to bring you our second anthology, "Splintered Souls". Dealing with depression and mental health, "Splintered Souls" is a soul-baring work comprised of poems from 8 amazing women.

Emily Adams-Aucoin

Contributing Author

Ashleigh Brown

Contributing Author


Contributing Author

Maya Grace Elphick

Contributing Author

Morgan Short

Contributing Author

Abbey Forrest

Contributing Author

L.M. Steel

Contributing Author

Heini Talip

Contributing Author

  • La Grande, Oregon, United States