Can I Order Anywhere Else?

Where can I buy "Tending Broken Stems"?

Thank you for asking!  "Tending Broken Stems" is available for order on Amazon with free shipping for prime members!  Simply click the link below!
Tending Broken Stems

Where can I purchase "Colors of Love: Sera's World"?

Thank you for your question,  both paperback and kindle versions of "Colors of Love: Sera's World" are both available on Amazon for purchase now!  Did you know that if you buy the paperback book you can download the Kindle version for $1.99 so you dont have to wait?

To order click the link below.
 Colors of Love: Sera's World

Where can I purchase "Splintered Souls"?

Thank you for your question, "Splintered Souls" is currently for sale in Amazon in both the kindle and paperback forms.

Splintered Souls

Where can I find Kabrie Waters book, "My Darling Delirium"?

Great question!  You can grab a copy My Darling, Delirium from Amazon in either the Kindle version or traditional paperback!  Just follow the link below!

My Darling, Delirium.​​​

Can I get a copy of "Gratitudes: To Our Mothers"?

Yes you can!  Gratitudes: To Our Mothers is our special edition Mother's Day 2019 Anthology, it is now available on Amazon for purchase in paperback!  Click the link below and it will take you right to it!

Gratitudes: To Our Mothers​​​

Is "Steady Hands" available to order yet?

Thank you for asking- Steady Hands: Odes to Our Fathers is up for pre-oeders on Amazon now and will shipped when it is released mid May, just in time for Father's Day!  Follow the link below to lock in your order now!

Steady Hands: Odes to Our Fathers​​​