We are often asked what it takes to be a part of our anthologies, and the answer is a short one- you must receive an invitation!  While we will occasionally post post opportunities for you to draw attention to your writing account on our Instagram page,  these invitations are given unsolicited to poets who we have specifically chosen to be a part of a given project.  Our goal is to choose the participants of the anthologies in such a way that their writing flows with the feel and theme of the book, as well as highlights their own strengths as a writer.  To do this we scout hundreds of accounts looking for underlying themes within the authors writings.  If you are chosen to be featured in an invitation only anthology, you can be sure that your talent will be highlighted by in accordance with your own strengths and be aliened beautiful with other authors of like minds.

If you are interested in being a part of these anthologies we encourage you to please follow us on Instagram  @a.b.baird_publishing or on Facebook @A.B.BairdPublishing as this is where you will find the opportunities to draw our attention to your writing!

if you are curious as to how these anthologies are set up, or how authors are featured within their pages, we encourage you to grab a copy of one of our previously published books and do a little hands on research!

Feel free to explore our website further to discover more about previously published A.B.Baird anthologies and discover the wonderful contributing authors.