We are interested to branching out and publishing a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction books and we would love to see your manuscripts!  

We are old fashioned kind of people, you know, the ones who would rather hold a book in our hands than read one on a tablet!  So for that reason we only accept hard copies of manuscripts for consideration.  

What to Send:

- A cover letter: This letter should tell us about your book; be specific and give spoilers... make us want to read it!  You should also be able to tell us who your audience is and show us that you know your audience by listing 3 books currently on the market similar to yours and how your book is different then those other books- we want to know what it is that makes your book special within to the audiences for which it was written. You should end your letter with your contact information, and dont forget your email!

- Your Manuscript: We understand that different types of books look different, so before sending us the entire thing please read on!

  • Fiction Novels (adult, young adult, middle age)- Please send the first three chapters of your manuscript in their entirety. 
  • Children's Books- At this time we are only looking for fully illustrated books, please send the manuscript with illustrations in its entirety. (Do not send the originals of the artwork, we are not responsible for lost work and would hate for it to be gone from you forever!)
  • Non-Fiction and Poetry- Please send the first 30 pages of your manuscript.

-A self addressed return envelope with correct postage, if we have suggestions and feedback we will try to make them on the manuscript and return them.  However, we make no promises as we are unsure at this time how many manuscripts we will see a year!

Where to send it:

Austie Baird

A.B.Baird Publishing

66548 Highway 203

La Grande  OR  97850

Please note, as we are just launching this aspect of our company, we are unsure what our turn around time will be.  If we are interested in seeing the rest of your manuscript, we will be contacting you through email.