Contributing Author

For poet C.D., who has been writing since she could hold a pen, writing is akin to breathing and bleeding. With a degrees in both British Literature and Creative Writing, it is no surprise that she is a member of two writers groups in Kansas City or that you can find her posting poetry daily on instagram as poemsandpeonies. An avid reader, C.D is also a collector of books; scouring oily floors at garage sales or inside of the free boxes at estate auctions to discover 100 year old words written on mildewed pages. C.D. takes her love for literature to the next level by hosting a feminist book club every month. In her downtime, she likes to run marathons all over the world- including a recent trip to run the Great Wall of China.  C.D. is a self proclaimed lover of cheap wine who loves drawing out the stories of strangers; stating, “by glass two, I will analyze our zodiac compatibility- we’d be friends.”

To read more by C.D. visit her on Instagram @poemsandpeonies.