Kevin Vargo
Contributing Author

Few roots run deeper than those of Northeast Ohioan-turned-Nashvillian, Kevin Vargo. Providing an authentic, genuine and loving level of empathy and understanding in his writing, Kevin admits, however, that he wasn’t always in tune with his path of life. It wasn’t until the unexpected passing of his father, coupled with his own strife that life began to strike a chord on a much spiritually deeper level to Kevin. An ability to put even the darkest and broken parts of life into beautiful words and to make the beautiful even more stunning, Kevin’s writing style and influences are born and raised from the deepest roots of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Kevin writes from his truest heart, devoting his purpose to remain authentic while making an impact on others, all with the common goal of wanting nothing more than to ensure his mother lives a comfortable life and that he does all he can to provide support to underprivileged inner city youth.

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